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Norway, streching thousands of kilometers from the south to the north, offers a wide range of birding sites in an amazing variation of habitats; especially important are coastal and mountain habitats but Norway also offers extending forests and wetlands systems and a rich varity of cultural landscapes in between. We know that quite many of our visitors prefer to experience new birding sites by their own and as a answer to such needs Birding Norway will display information about interesting birding sites at the BN web. In our presentations of Selected Birding Sites (SBS) we will collaborate close with the local travel business interests.

Birding in Bremanger
Situated at the central parts of Western Norway, Bremanger is one of the largest communes in the region, covering more than 800 square kilometers. Ranging from the outer coastline in the west where the waves of the ocean are pounding against ragged cliffs and sandy beaches, to high mountains with glaciers in the east, Bremanger offers a wide selection of habitat types and a typical selection of Scandinavian bird species to go with it.


Birding at Jæren
Norway has few wetlands of considerable size. In the south, Jæren wetland system is situated on the coast just south of Stavanger. A number of mostly eutrophic lakes in agricultural areas, together with some very good coastal beaches and shallow marine areas, makes this a birders paradise that most Norwegian birders just have to visit a couple of times or more each year.


Birding in Vardø
Vardö is situated at the tip of the Varanger Peninsula, probably the most well-known and popular region in Norway for visiting foreign birders. Vardö has an average temperature in July that is below 10 °C, and therefore truly belong in the Arctic Zone.


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