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Birding Norway tours:

Varanger early spring 2006

Duration: 8 days

Starts: April 29th (Saturday)
Ends: May 7th (Thursday)

Short description: This tour will focus on the magnificent spring along the Varanger peninsula and lower parts of the Pasvik river along the Russian border. The timing in late April is perfect for early migrants while wintering sea ducks such as Stellers Eider and King Eider still can be watched in thousands - a unique experience in Europe. We also visit the famous seabird colony at Hornöya, and search the subarctic shorelines along the Varanger fjord for late winter birds and early migrants. Thousands of Steller's eiders, King Eiders and Common eiders in full breeding plumage and full displays create an athmosphere that cannot be described - one has to experience it. At this time of the year the Varanger fjord may also habour very large numbers of seabirds gathering to feed on spawning Capelins - during the lasts years hundred of thousands of seabirds have been experienced in localized areas. We also look for sea mammals along seabird watches. The final stage of the trip is spent in the Pasvik taiga forest and lower parts of the Pasvik river and wetlands, where we search the pine woods for Siberian tit, Siberian jay and other Scandinavian specialites along with arriving northern wetland birds.

This tour starts and end at the Kirkenes airport. Internal flights from Oslo Airport at Gardermoen.

Price: Euro 1560,- £1060,- $1860,-. All included, except internal flights
Group size: minimum 6, and up to 16 persons
Birding transport: Car/Minibus
Accommodation: Medium hotel standard, all rooms with shower/WC
Food: Breakfast and lunch included
Leader: Arnold Håland, Avian ecologist and leader of Birding Norway

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